Olga Kondratska “THE RIVER OF LIFE” by CASA WWTS

The Four Seasons Hotel hosted the opening of Olga Kondratska, the River of Life art exhibition.
From April 10-12, at the Four Seasons Hotel, within the framework of the CASA WWTS exhibition, Olga Kondratska presented a series of works of art called The River of Life. The art project “River of Life” is unique in concept and development. In the collection of paintings of the same name – more than a hundred paintings. These are beautiful phenomena and moments of Nature seen, felt and transferred onto the canvas, with which our planet is rich. This is a reflection of the artist’s inner world, her mental organization, her attitude to life. At the Milan exhibition, one of the series was presented, selected in such a way that each person could find that perfect combination of color that will fill him with life-affirming energy.

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