The exhibition “Logomania” is carefully curated and presented by Ildiko Benko, a fantastic woman who takes part in shaping the regional art scene for over a decade by now. She represents and manages some of the most successful contemporary artists in this region. Her gallery, Ar2day focuses on forward thinking artists with international recognition. Artworks belonging to her gallery are exhibited regularly at international fairs as well.

There’s no better place to showcase such contemporary art event, than Kempinski. A hotel that is true luxury at its finest, blending the classical European heritage with 5star services. Kempinski and Ar2Day gallery do have quite a history when it comes to organizing contemporary art vernissages here, at the Promenade.
Ildiko and Beatrix have also worked together on several projects before. It’s always nice to see how passionate these two women are when it comes to creating something unexpected, something that can be remembered later on as well.
The current exhibition is a marriage of fashion and visual arts, a unique technique of Olga’s combined with brand logos, and also, joining forces with Beatrix, they created a new artistic platform, wearable art: handmade clothing as a form of creative expression with the prestige of one-of-a-kind material production. Luxury in arts, arts in luxury.
Art and fashion are two fields of ongoing innovation and creative expression, both appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. Over the years, art and fashion have enjoyed a rich relationship, always stretching way beyond boundaries to bring global influences to our wardrobes. The relationship only looks to be growing stronger as more of the contemporary art world’s top talents step over into the glamorous world of fashion.

Let me share some of the most exciting examples of fashion’s longstanding love affair with high art – an all star galaxy of designers and creative minds worked together on beautiful projects. Take for example Yves Saint Laurent’s famous six day dress capsule collection that the French designer unveiled in 1965, having incorporated the Dutch abstract artist Piet Mondrian’s signature works, characterized by a simplicity of line and elegance of color. An absolute success, the dresses have been described as a canvas on which Saint Laurent experimented with his artistic ideas, and have become regarded as having captured the Zeitgeist of their era.
An avant-garde and ground-breaking collaboration was also born when Elsa Schiaparelli and Dali created the infamous “Lobster” dress.
An unforgettable collaboration of art and fashion was when Alexander McQueen’s team decided to announce an exclusive collaboration with Damien Hirst, maverick of the contemporary art scene.

The Hermès Carré line is the best-selling luxury scarf in the world, the brand uses its hand-picked artist collaborations to keep the silk-cashmere collections’ designs fresh.
Bold yet playful, the 2012 collaboration with 83-year-old artist Yayoi Kusama is one of the most visually captivating collections of Louis Vuitton. The Japanese legend’s dotty artwork populated handbags, clothes and accessories echoing her message of obsession.
(The neon graffiti monogram bags by Stephen Sprouse, added a very rebellious attitude that marked an exciting direction for both the brand and fashion at large.)
Unsurprisingly these collections sold out immediately. What is the secret, why are these collaborations so successful?
Art and fashion do speak an international language that everyone understands without explaining, without commenting, and helping to get together the different cultures of the world.
Creative people absorb beauty from the outside world as does Olga Kondratska. Their feelings and impressions are transmitted into life in the form of artworks.
We are constantly searching for finding beauty in life, beauty in objects.
Some of us find this aesthetics in the magnificence of nature or the attractiveness of humans, others in amazing forms of cars or design outfits or in a painting.
Looking at art, understanding art is an opportunity to feel emotions, enjoying not only a wonderful work, but also a positive charge of energy invested in the work with love.
Collaboration of modern art with well-known brands give the chance to deeply feel the emotions, the creative characters, promises and the colors they represent.
The series of works “Logomania” is a reflection of the inner artist, her attitude to life.
This collection of paintings are paintings of action, joy of life, birth and flowering and at the same time – a call to reflect on the essence of being.
At this exhibition, the artist presents her unique painting technique on these selected works of beauty, color and thoughts to the visitors.
 An artist, for whom color is an open book, can create a real miracle for people. Paints, connected with emotions can cause a spiritual rise and set up inexhaustible source of positive energy. Having filled ourselves with this energy we can direct it to those who are close – parents, partners, children, friends …
This is the magic of art!
Olga’s works are modern paintings with invaluable potential. You can purchase a piece of art in the color scheme that touched your soul and the picture will “recharge” you day by day, eliminating stress and giving an unparalleled feeling of spiritual harmony, emphasizes your individuality and impeccable taste.
When choosing a picture, trust your intuition: look, listen to your feelings and the decision will come by itself. Then enjoy the aesthetic sensations from direct contact with art, get nourishment from nature, fill yourself with colors and what you dream of will surely happen.
Olga Kondratska has many sides, a Reneissance woman of the 21st century, she is member of the American Institute of Architecture, a world-known architect and designer. Hundreds of successful projects in the field of architecture and interior design were implemented globally, in Europe, Asia, and North and South America.
Olga’s paintings are in great demand, can be found in the collections of National Museums, many of them become part of private collections in Ukraine, Italy, the USA, Singapore, Hungary, France, Brazil …
Beatrix Joo is the owner and creative director of Sentiments, a fashion house that’s known for effortless elegance, carrying timeless, but also very sensual and mysterious designs. Beatrix was born in Budapest, finished her studies on fashion in Vienna, and opened the Sentiments Atelier with her former partner, late Andor Kovacs almost 20 years ago. Her designs appeared on the red carpets of several international events, for example the Golden Globes, MTV Music Awards, and also, prestigious magazines included Sentiments dresses in several editorials.
Having an unquestionable admiration towards the art world, she was happy to collaborate on a project with Olga. She designed the shape of the garments, Olga designed customized materials using her signature technique. The materials were printed in the legendary Como area, where finest silk products are made. These dresses were hand made, it took 2 days and 8 meters of fabric for head seamstress of the Atelier, Mariann to create one garment.

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