Olga Kondratska exhibition Emotions in Style

On October 24, an exhibition of Emotions in Style by Olga Kondratska, organized by the Kempinski Hotel and the Hungarian ar2day Gallery, opened at the Kempinski Hotel in Budapest.

At the exhibition, the author presented to visitors her unique author technique and 16 separate works of beauty, color and thought. The series of works “Emotions in style” is a reflection of the artist’s inner world, her spiritual organization, attitude to life. This is a painting of action, joy of life, birth and flowering, and at the same time – a call to reflect on the essence of being. Painting is an international language that does not need translations and comments, as a person perceives a picture at the level of emotions. And an artist, for whom color is an open book, can create a real miracle for people. Paints, collected in an emotional combination, causing a spiritual rise, setting up a positive, are an inexhaustible source of positive energy! Having filled ourselves, we can direct it to those who are close – parents, husband, children, friends …

This is the magic of art! In the creative baggage of Olga Kondratska – a member of the American Institute of Architecture, a world-famous architect and designer – hundreds of projects in the field of architecture, interior design and decoration, successfully implemented in Europe, Asia, North and South America. Each trip is a new experience, unforgettable impressions and a unique combination of colors, which are reflected in the new, always cozy interiors and beautiful paintings. The paintings of this master are in demand, her works are in the collections of the National Museums, and many of them have replenished private collections in Ukraine, Italy, the USA, Singapore, Hungary, France, Brazil …

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