Exhibition “RIVER OF LIFE” to the World Water Day on March 22

From March 22 to April 12, 2019
in the premises of the State Water Resources Agency of Ukraine
(at 8 Velyka Vasylkivska St.).
the exhibition “River of Life” by contemporary artist Olga Kondratska will continue.

“THE RIVER OF LIFE” is the beautiful phenomena and moments of Nature that have been seen, felt and transferred to the canvases. It is a reflection of the inner world of the artist, her mental organization, attitude to life.
By demonstrating the panorama of the environment, skillfully playing on contrasts, the artist wants to draw public attention to the problem of water resources, which is gaining momentum not only in Ukraine but all over the world.
The River of Life exhibition as a cry for saving the planet’s water resources.

WATER is one of the most influential substances on Earth. For millions of years, it has been involved in global planetary processes: with its help, the climate has stabilized, landscapes have formed… Then a miracle happened: life was born in water! If you do not think, it seems that with this priceless gift of nature is all right. And if you “dig in” – ask for statistics, listen to the opinion of biologists and ecologists, it turns out that rivers, which were previously flooded, gradually grind and turn into small and infirm, and those, in turn, disappear from the face of the Earth. Having talked to the residents of Ukrainian villages, you are surprised to learn that the opportunity to drink from a well of cold water in hot afternoon has become a dream for many. The phrase “water is a miracle” is not only of a figurative meaning today, because in fact it largely reflects the real state of things. If we do not contribute to improving the environment, to take effective measures to protect water resources, clean rivers and lakes, the situation with drinking water can become a major problem for all humanity.
The ARTIST is a person observant and astute: he even notices what others do not notice. Olga Kondratska sees the problems of the present and responds to them with the help of contemporary painting. “River of Life” is a painting of action – the joy of life, birth and prosperity, and at the same time a reminder to contemporaries: it is worth trying very hard to preserve for the descendants the beauty and purity of our beautiful blue planet .. Social responsibility is manifested in the fact that the artist transfers the money from the sale of the paintings to charity.

Olga Kondratska, a member of the American Institute of Architecture, a world-renowned architect and designer, has created hundreds of projects in the field of architecture, design and interior decoration. These projects have been successfully implemented in Europe, Asia, North and South America. Each trip is a new experience, an unforgettable experience and a unique combination of colors that are reflected in new, always cozy interiors and beautiful paintings. The paintings of this master of painting are in demand, her works are stored in the collections of the National Museums of Ukraine, as well as in private collections of Ukraine, Italy, USA, Singapore, Hungary, France, Brazil …

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