The painting “LOVE” by Olga Kondratska was successfully auctioned off in New York.

At the Shapiro auctions in New York, together with the works of famous artists, painting “LOVE” by Olga Kondratska was presented under the lot №710, which was successfully auctioned off for 10 000 $ . The work “LOVE” refers to the art project “River of Life”, and this is more than hundred works of art. Kondratska paintings are filled with beauty, color and thoughts – they are reflection of the painter’s inner world, her emotional organization, attitude to life. This is the painting of action, joys of life, birth and flowering, and at the same time – a call to give thought to the essence of being. Part of the proceeds from the sale of paintings Olga Kondratska transfers for charity and this shows her high social responsibility.

It is to be noted that Olga Kondratska approaches the choice of works of art very thoughtfully. First of all, this is dictated by care that every person who crossed the threshold of the exhibition hall and turned out to be a spectator, could find “his/her” picture at the exhibition, that perfect combination of color that will fill her/him with life-affirming energy. Painting is the international language which does not need translations and comments, because a person takes a picture at the level of emotions. And the artist for whom colouristics is the opened book can create a real miracle for people!

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In the creative luggage of Olga Kondratska, the member of the American Institute of Architecture, a world-famous architect, designer with deep Ukrainian sole, hundreds of projects in the field of architecture, design and interior decoration, which are successfully implemented in Europe, Asia, North and South America. Every trip is a new experience, unforgettable experience and unique combination of colors, which is reflected in new, invariably comfortable interiors and beautiful paintings. The paintings of this master of painting are always in demand, her works are in the funds of the National Museums of Ukraine, and many of them have replenished private collections in Ukraine, Italy, the USA, Singapore, Hungary, France, Brazil …

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