A new art object “Heart” was installed at the metropolitan South Station. The composition in the form of heart with a height of 3.45 m and a length of 5.25 m consists of 3093 hearts with letters cut through them, where the name of the Kyiv city is read. The sculpture is made of alloy steel and enameled in red and heavenly colors.

The author of the art object Olga Kondratska devoted her new work to her beloved city. One of her previous projects is the children’s landscape park on Landscape Alley. Olga Kondratska is the contemporary artist, creative architect-designer, laureate of international architecture and design contests, the member of the American Institute of Architecture, world-famous architect-designer. In her creative luggage there are hundreds of projects in the field of architecture, design and interior decoration in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

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